Work in Poland on your own terms

Exploring opportunities to live and work in Central Europe? Poland's fresh Digital Nomad visa presents excellent choices!

Introducing Poland's Freelance Visa

Poland’s freelance visa offers the most convenient solution for digital nomads and working professionals to access Central Europe. The process is fast and straightforward, and we can get the paperwork sorted quickly for almost anyone!

Fast Processing

A 1-year work visa in as little as 2 weeks!

No Restrictions

Whether working remotely or locally, the restrictions on what work you can do or who you can work for are few to none.

Low Taxes

Poland offers an incredibly low tax rate for freelancers; as low as 6.5% of gross income.

Low Cost of Living

Poland remains one of the most affordable countries in the EU, making it an excellent country for digital nomads to call their home base.

Path of Citizenship

The possibility to gain EU Long-Term Residence after 5 years, and Polish citizenship after 8 years!

Poland’s Freelance Visa For…

Digital Nomads

Many people’s work is fully remote; affording them the opportunity to do what they do best from anywhere in the world. This visa offers an incredible opportunity to live in Europe and experience its beauty, culture and charm.

Creative Professionals

As a hub of creative talent, Poland is an excellent place for creative professionals to unleash their talent and turn a hobby into a source of income. If you’re. photographer, video editor, graphic designer, voice actor, writer, music producer, or anything of the like, we’re sure there’s a market for it!

Tech & Business Experts

Poland’s IT and corporate sector has been booming for over a decade and shows no sign of slowing down. If you’ve got a background in tech or business, whether it be programming, web development, IT support, finance, HR, or accounting you’ll have loads of opportunities available for you!

Teaching Languages

The demand for foreign languages in Poland is huge. From 2 year old toddlers, all the way up to your most serious of professionals, everyone studies English and usually other languages as well. Check out our Teach in Poland Program if you’re looking to come to Poland to teach!

How Much Would it Cost You

Poland is an incredibly affordable country for all. However, it is incredibly important to be realistic and keep in mind the costs of living. Nobody like surprises, so below you’ll find the average costs of living in Poland:

Rent in Poland can be as low as €200 per month for a room in a shared flat, or even a private studio in a smaller city.

A private apartment in a big city like Warsaw will cost between €400 and €600 per month.

Public transport is excellent in Poland, so there’s no need to have a car. A monthly pass is around €25.

A mobile phone plan costs less than €8 per month, and home internet plans start at €15 per month.

To join either the freelance teaching or digital nomad pathways, be fully legal to live and work in Poland, non-EU citizens are required to have:

  • Type-D Visa from €80 – €100
  • Program Joining Fee from €1000
  • Travel Insurance (required for visa) from €160
  • Document translations (could be required for visa) < €140

After housing and commuting costs, a reasonable budget for living and having fun in Poland is between €300 and €800 per month depending on your spending habits.

Navigating taxes and social security in Poland can be a breeze for English teachers and creative professionals. Here’s a more emotive and persuasive take:

“In Poland, when it comes to personal income tax, the rates vary from 8.5% to 19%, depending on what you earn and the work you do. Luckily, most English teachers and creative folks fall into the lower tax bracket, easing the burden.

If you’re contributing to Poland’s social security and healthcare, it ranges from 300 to 850 PLN (around €70 to €200) per month. But here’s the perk: this gets you access to excellent healthcare and social services across Poland and the entire European Union!

At BWBMart, we’ve got your back. Our team handles all the accounting, invoicing, and tax stuff for our freelance teachers. It’s a monthly fee of 300 to 350 PLN (about €70), covering everything from creating and managing invoices to sorting out your taxes. Plus, you get dedicated support from our awesome community manager.

You can opt for your own accountant, but our rates are pretty standard in Poland. Check out our blog for more details on freelancer administrative costs.

For teachers on employment contracts, the school takes care of administration without extra charges. However, remember, the tax rates here can be higher for this type of contract. We’ve got you covered either way!

The Support

Nobody likes to feel alone when moving to a new country, and navigating the bureaucracy of visa processes and self-employment certainly isn’t for everyone. To accommodate the needs of freelancers relocating to Europe, BWBMart and partners offers a number of levels of support services.

Visa Package

Visa Support
  • Registration as self-employed in Poland (jednosobowa działalność gospodarcza or equivalent)
  • Registration in Poland’s social security (ZUS) and public healthcare system (NFZ) *
  • All documents necessary to obtain a visa (Type-D) or Temporary Residence Permit as a freelancer
  • Step-by-step guidance in obtaining the necessary visa or residence permit
  • Assistance completing the visa or residence permit application, gathering supporting paperwork, and in continuation of the process as necessary
  • A dedicated Community Manager to answer your questions before you arrive and after
  • Access to our massive community (200+ members strong) full of resources, support, and opportunities
  • Recommended for those already in Poland or with significant experience dealing with bureaucracy and living abroad.

Visa Package

Professional Support+Visa Support
  • All assistance support in the Visa Package, PLUS:
  • Professional coaching in finding a job or starting a business, including 3 hours of consultations with our career counselors
  • Full review and guidance on CV and LinkedIn profile optimization for the European market
  • Recommended for those coming to seek work and advance career possibilities in Poland.

Support Package

Full relocation Assistance+Visa Support
  • All assistance support in the Visa Package, PLUS:
  • Assistance finding accommodation – we’ll make sure you find an apartment before you arrive!
  • Personal assistance opening a bank account, getting a phone plan, getting a PESEL (tax ID) number, and setting up home internet
  • Personal assistance finding work – you’ll work one-on-one with our professional career counsellors do up your CV, identify the best opportunities, and work you through the hiring process
  • Invitation to attend one of our fun-packed Orientation Weeks (held bi-annually in August and January)
  • Airport pickup
  • Recommended for professionals and digital nomads who would like the extra layer of personalized support and prefer not to deal with too much bureaucracy.


Poland is an absolute gem, boasting medieval castles, charming town squares, majestic mountains, and serene lakes that’ll take your breath away. Imagine strolling along cobblestone streets, soaking in the vibrant culture and nightlife that rivals even the best of Western Europe. And the best part? It won’t break the bank!

Beyond its stunning beauty and rich culture, Poland stands tall as one of Europe’s most comfortable places to live. Modern infrastructure, safe streets, and a population fluent in English make settling in a breeze.

When it comes to teaching, Poland’s job market is a powerhouse, booming faster than anywhere else in Europe. Language schools are popping up left and right, eager for skilled teachers like you.

But here’s a heads up: Many folks come for a short teaching stint and end up calling Poland home for years. It’s just that kind of place—once you’re here, it’s hard to leave!

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I arrive?

As a freelancer, you are free to come to Poland and start working whenever you’d like to.

For Americans, the visa process is incredibly fast and can be done in as little as 2-4 weeks. Citizens of visa-free countries can also travel to Poland visa-free and submit all the paperwork after arrival, however, this is a more tricky process.

For nationals of countries that require a visa to enter Poland, you can expect the process to take about 4-8 months.


No matter which pathway you choose, you’ll have the same freelance work visa giving you access to the Polish market.

Not at all!

In today’s digitalized economy, even people who are not full-time “digital nomads” often do online work to supplement their main income, and that is 100% permissible under your freelance visa.

In most cases, yes you can!

US citizens and citizens of other visa-free countries can come to Poland visa-free and apply for a Residence Permit on the basis of self-employment. Keep in mind that this is a significantly more difficult process than applying for a visa at the embassy in your home country, so if possible, we recommend making a trip to an embassy in your home country.

If you have a residence permit in the country you’re currently based in, and that country has a Polish embassy, then you might be able to get a visa there, but we can’t guarantee that. Contact your nearest Polish consulate or embassy to find out.

If your country of citizenship requires a visa to enter Poland, then unfortunately you will need to apply for a visa in your home country if you are unable to apply in the country you’re currently based in.

There are currently no nationality restrictions, however, we have found that nationals of certain countries often encounter visa problems. For nationals of English-speaking countries (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa), as well as most Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, etc) we have never had any problems. If you come from another country, we still invite you to apply and will advise you on any potential visa problems you may encounter.

Poland has two options for freelancers to register and get a visa, and while one option is restricted to only certain nationalities, the other option has no restrictions. Our team can advise on which is best for you.

Yes, assuming you meet the rest of the eligibility requirements. A Bachelor’s degree is not required for any visas in Poland.

You must, however, have completed high school, secondary education, or your country’s equivalent.

There are no age restrictions. Age discrimination is illegal in the European Union.

Poland does not require health checks for any visa applications, so there are no medical restrictions. As a self-employed person, you may (depending on your country of origin) be covered by Poland’s national healthcare system through your taxes, and thus from a healthcare point of view, Poland will treat you just like one of its own citizens.

We also recommend looking into the private healthcare plans that we offer if you are concerned about the availability of medical services in Poland.

As this visa is (partially) designed for professionals coming to Poland to seek freelance job opportunities, there is no level of income you must have when applying at the embassy. However if you are applying without an existing source of income, you will be asked to show that you have enough funds to support yourself as you seek work (usually a few thousand Euro is sufficient).

In order to guarantee a comfortable standard of living and the smooth renewal of your visa should you decide to stay longer, we don’t recommend coming if you are not earning (or capable of earning) above 5000 PLN (about 1200 EUR/USD) per month.

Where will I live?

As a freelancer, your accommodation is your responsibility. However, if you opt for our Support Package, you will receive assistance from our team in securing a place before arrival. If you’d prefer to find accommodation yourself, we highly recommend taking advantage of our Accommodation Packages so you’ll have a place to stay while you look at apartments during your first week. Most cities have English-language Facebook groups for apartment-seeking foreigners.

Not at all! You will quickly get to meet the other Wizards in our community through our Facebook group and regular social events. Check out our Community Page for a quick snapshot into what our community is up to!

All big cities in Poland are very cosmopolitan and have vibrant expat scenes. These communities of fellow foreigners are usually very friendly, with Facebook groups and regular meetups to welcome newcomers to the city. The Polish people are also very friendly and welcoming to foreigners, just make a few trips to a social bar or cafe and you’ll see for yourself! The level of English spoken by Poles is very high, so the language barrier is rarely a problem when meeting locals.

Our staff also organize language exchanges, which are a perfect opportunity to mingle with locals, expats, and fellow Wizards.

On this visa, you will become a tax resident of Poland, meaning you will have to pay and file monthly taxes and (depending on your nationality and visa category) social security. However, our accounting team can process all of our taxes through our payroll system, so you’ll never have to deal directly with the tax office.

Income tax for freelancers in Poland is between 8.5% and 17%, depending on your type of work (English teachers and others working in education pay the lowest amount). For those covered by Poland’s national healthcare and social security system, social security is charged at a flat rate of between 350 and 700 PLN per month.

For managing taxes, our accounting service costs 300 PLN per month. You are of course welcome to find your own accountant, however our prices and services are very competitive in comparison to what others offer in the Polish market.

Yes, it is possible, and in fact, is very common in Poland.

Many companies in Poland, especially in the education, tech, and creative industries, hire full-time staff on freelance contracts (often called “B2B” or “business-to-business” contracts in Poland). About half of the freelancers on our program who work for clients within Poland work exclusively for one company.

Since you are a freelancer, there is technically no way for a company to stop you from working another job on the side; the most they can do is threaten to fire you if they find out.

If the company does want to hire you on an employment contract rather than a freelance contract, this is possible of course, but it would require modifying your visa (normally the company takes care of this) and you would lose your above-mentioned privileges as a freelancer.

For short-term holidays, unfortunately, yes.

For longer-term breaks (more than a month), it is possible to put your tax and accounting payments on hold, provided that you are not earning any income during this time.

Your visa or Residence Permit will be valid for one calendar year.
If you’d like to stay longer, you’ll have to apply for a Residence Permit at the Immigration Office before the expiration of your visa. We do not charge any additional fees to extend your stay, however, we highly recommend opting for our Support Package which includes legal assistance with this process.
Should you really decide that Poland is your new home, after 5 years of legal residence it is possible to apply for permanent residence and Long-Term EU Residence, providing that you can speak an intermediate level of Polish.

Freelancers paying social security are insured by Poland’s public healthcare system (NFZ) can utilize free public healthcare services in the entire European Union using a European Health Insurance Card. If you’re coming on the Advanced or Premium Package, our Polish-speaking staff will help you obtain this.

Poland has facilitated bilateral social security agreements with all European Union countries many other countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia, which will allow you to receive your social security benefits in your home country when you reach retirement age.