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The Best Puff Puff Mix Distributors & Retailers Can Buy to stock at the Grocery Store for Your walk-in Customers

puff puff mix

A puff puff mix is a perfect way to get puff puff on the table faster. It’s also easier if a customer wants to make a few batches at once because the customer can just store them in the pantry and grab a box when they’re ready to eat them. But with so many options on the market, which mix is right for you? We found the best of the best from Nigeria for grocery distributors and retail stores everywhere — and here they are.

Puff Puff Mix

puff puff mix

If you love your pancakes fluffy and light, with a perfect crumb, then you will be delighted by our Pancake Mix. Made of organic ingredients and free from GMOs, artificial flavors or ingredients, this mix is perfect for kids who want the traditional taste of puffpuff.

Puff-Puff Mix

puff puff mix

This puff puff mix is ideal for the family who wants to consistently whip up puff puff for breakfast or the working individual who is constantly on the road and who enjoys weekly pop-ins. Its versatility has made it a favorite for home fryers everywhere. With just a few ingredients and no complicated instructions, a customer is bound to end up with a fluffy puff puff that tastes as good as they look! Just add water and they are good to go.

Puff Puff Instant Mix

puff puff mix

Our packaged Puff Puff Mix is versatile and delicious, giving you extra ways to create a variety of delicious breakfast dishes. Our Puff Puff Mix is made with organic whole wheat flour, buttermilk powder, and brown sugar so your puff puff will be easy on the tummy and taste amazing.

PuffPuff Mix

puff puff mix

If you know the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning with your mouth watering and craving puff puff, then we’ve got our #1 pick! Our Puff Puff Mix is easy to prepare, with no extra flour or cream. The puff-puff was light, fluffy, and not too sweet — perfect for adding mix-ins. Plus, Teedees’s puff puff mix had the most desirable golden-brown color, which resulted in an impressive stack that’s perfect for the customer that likes a weekend brunch.

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