Are You A Freelance Writer

Do You Want to Start Earning From Day ONE?

Then This Program is For YOU!


There are very few partner programs for writers that are not restrictive with regards payment platforms or where the writer is located.

Writers should be rewarded irrespective of their location or access to certain payment platforms. 

Due to several consultations, we have decided to create a Partner Program that is location agnostic for Freelance writers that want to earn money online.

Learn how to get paid for the content you publish and the audience you build from day one.

How to start earning.

Refer writers to join program

You can start earning right from join the waitlist phase through points. Don’t forget to tell your referral to put your name into field of who referred them to the program. Points value would change once program opens officially.

Audience reading time.

Earning is based on audience reading time. The more time you and BWBMart’s audience spend reading your content, the more money you earn. You can learn more about how we calculate reading time when you join the waiting list via the welcome email when the program opens.

How to get started.

Eligibility criteria.

Be a writer

Join the waitlist & encourage more writers to join & earn points.

Publish article

Immediately your approved, publish one article to get started.

Promote article

You must promote your article to start earning.

Stay active

Write, promote, and earn regularly to remain active.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Partner Program

Writers can earn money through the Partner Program up to $1000 in this first instance of starting out the program. Earnings start at $100.

Yes you will earn 10 points per signed up referral.

Points are redeemable.

You will get the full Partner Program Terms when the program opens in your email when you join the waitlist below.