Frequent Questions That Sellers ASK!

The bank or payment gateway charges your account but holds your money in lieu of our verification and the money leaves the holding account and goes into our account.

The bank holds the money in case there is a reason to refund you the money.

It depends on the bank or payment company but it usually takes immediately or within 3 – 5 working days.

The bank can refund your money to you if your business verification fails.

Your subscription starts the moment we you are verified and confirm payment with our bank. If you have any free offers such as a free trial, your subscription would start immediately after your free trial ends.

No we do not. However, we have a free version that is free forever. We may have occassional free trials in our premium paid versions too.

Yes. We offer discounts, perks, gifts and much more them under The BWB Magic Collection.

The BWB Magic Collection is a collection of gifts, discounts, free perks, travel to exotic locations, free business lunches, etc.

It takes anytime from 1 day of verification to 1 year later. It is all dependent on different parameters at the back end to score the seller to become eligible for them. 

They include, total sales within a period, type of package that was purchased by the seller, total number of referrals within a period, adhering to our terms and conditions, etc