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If you are serious about your export business, you are in the right place! BWBMart Platinum package is the best deal you would ever get in this world with regards owning an online store, getting premium features, getting a US company registered for you for free and much more. It takes approximately 40 days give or take. Also, you have the chance of getting a business bank account, a registered office address, etc. as well as professional advice on how the US system works from seasoned professionals while still selling your market from your storefront here at BWBMart.

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The Business Growth company You Can Trust

We believe in helping serious business entrepreneurs grow beyond their wildest dreams if only they can see it and commiting to making it happen. Our client satisfaction and their peace of mind is always our top priority, and our goal is to ensure that more companies grow beyond Africa ensuring that business keeps growing. We offer a dedicated customer service to our premium customers especially our platinum clients.



Business Banking

1 year Registered Office

Fast, Friendly, and Efficient

Trusted Professionals

Knowledge and Experienced



Maintaining a business can be tough if you’re doing it alone. It can be very time consuming and physically exhausting. You lose money that you were trying to save by not working with the right partner.

That’s where BWBMart come into the picture. We offer the first steps to business breakthrough in addition to selling through our eCommerce marketplace where thousands of our premium buyers shop from making it easy to find buyers of your products in one place.

BWBMart are an International B2B eCommerce marketplace that promotes business growth for its sellers at a fraction of the price conveniently. Our team and partners has the knowledge, experience and ability to provide the best moving experience.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that choosing a company registration company can be a daunting task. It is as if they do not want to do business with every sector of the economy. Same thing with business banking, the bankers are highly selective and would want to physically see the customer to take a decision of either opening the account or not. In our case, all that has been eliminated. Even though the banks still conduct rigorous due diligence before they allow you to open an account with them, they would still give you a listening ear and can approve your application.

Therefore we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Read our excellent reviews and kind words written by our customers, and see for yourself that we are the best choice for your job.

No doubt! BWBMart are the best company in the world! They did amazing work and they did it with a smile!

From beginning to end, everything was great! The team did an excellent job in answering all my questions.

Discover how being deliberate can be stress-free!

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