The Complete Guide to Understanding the 11 Incoterms


Incoterms or International Commercial Terms as it is often referred to in the logistics and shipping industry are used to facilitate and standardize trade processes. To date, there are 11 different Incoterms that assign different responsibilities to the parties to a transaction. What is Incoterms Incoterms, or International Commercial Terms, are industry standards used to […]

SAMPLES: What Every BWBMart Merchant Ought To Know About Sending FREE PRODUCTS

Sending free product samples can be the missing thing between a sale and no sale. Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just launching a new business, sending samples of your products can grab the attention of shoppers. In this post, I’ll review nine reasons to consider offering free samples of your eCommerce products. […]

Top 3 & Best Food Certifications & More You Need For Exporting


What Food Certifications Do I Need When Exporting? If your friends say you serve the best shawarma in Nigeria, or your neighbors ask you for the recipe for that mouth-watering groundnut ginger suya that you created during the Christmas break, start a business venture where you convert your talent into cash for outstanding culinary creations. […]

14 Ways that BWBMart Can Help You Market Your Business to USD Buyers


Do you remember the day you first came up with the idea for your new product? Maybe it was a Sunday and you were cooking dinner. Or it was a Friday morning and you were eager to start the weekend. Then you had a eureka moment. Whenever it was, that seed of an idea has […]

Referral Agent: 11 More Reasons Why You Should Work With BWBMart

referral agent

The BWBMart Referral Business Agents are the people who help BWBMart clients to get more sales and earn money for the referral. Our referral agents target different techniques such as promoting through ads, engaging on Social Media, Emails, blogging, and so on. Let me show you the super benefits of why you should become a […]

BWBMart Referral Partner: 5 reasons why you should join and make money

referral partner

The BWBMart Referral Partner is a self-employed salesperson who works, usually alone, or for several non-competing companies. Over 35% of Nigeria’s Youth population already does this. We carried out a labor market test and discovered that 1 in 4 youths that we interviewed did more than one thing to earn them money. According to most […]