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BWBMart, an emerging online marketplace for African suppliers and wholesale buyers, has announced the launch of BWBMart Connect. It is a new platform that connects potential students to remote, hybrid, and onsite university education. University partners at BWBMart are devoted to supporting students. Our universities do this by providing financial aid based on students’ individual requirements. Also, internship and employment opportunities form the fabric of education and serve to enhance our courses in the field of computer science and business.

BWBMart Connect aims to provide a valuable service to its audience and the general public. In other words, helping students access higher education opportunities such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Data Analytics, MBA, QA Automation, etc. Our solution leverages BWBMart’s existing database business to connect with potential students and universities across Africa and beyond.

Benefits of BWBMart Connect

BWBMart Connect offers several benefits to its users, such as:

•  Easy and convenient access to online education options that suit their needs and preferences

•  Connection to universities that offer internship and financial aid opportunities that can enhance their practical and affordable education

•  Variety of courses and programs in different fields and levels that can expand their diversity and choice

•  Support and guidance from BWBMart’s team of industry experts who can help them with the application and admission process.

In addition, BWBMart Connect offers a loyalty club for its premium members called the StudyonA-budget program. Students not only get access to guidance with their application process but also get exclusive benefits by being paying members. The StudyOnA-budget loyalty club offers exclusive discounts from its lifestyle partners. This range from health clubs, workspace, cafe, fine dining, cinema tickets, games, etc. Moreover, the StudyonA-budget loyalty club is a paid 1-year membership package for all BWBMart Connect Premium members. We want students to experience the same thing that traditional students experience when enrolled on campuses from anywhere.

BWBMart Connect’s Vision

The creation of BWBMart Connect is part of BWBMart’s vision to simplify trade across Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world for a better planet. Our platform is also aligned with BWBMart’s mission to give African suppliers the same opportunities as everybody else.

Boma Braide, BWBMart’s CEO said: “We are very excited to launch BWBMart Connect, a platform that will help our audience retool and upskill in areas that are relevant and in demand in today’s world. Also, we believe that education is a key factor for personal and professional growth, and we want to provide guidance toward relevant and affordable education in today’s fast-changing business environment. Whether you are our vendor or not, everybody should have access to choices so that if things change in the future, they would be up to date and be able to remain competitive.”

BWBMart Connect is now live and accepting applications from potential students worldwide. Universities who would want to be a part of our vision can contact us here:

To learn more about the platform and how to apply, click here: StudyOnA-budget. You can also join our Facebook Group here: Study Abroad and Get Jobs.

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About BWBMart

BWBMart is an e-commerce platform that supports African suppliers to export their FMCG products. Built and run by supply chain professionals. We understand the complexities of putting products in stores and selling them to wholesale buyers. Also, we offer various services such as trade financing, logistics, private label, and white glove support. To find out more about BWBMart, visit:

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