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Freelance Writers: How to MAKE $200/day on the internet

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In this article, we cover the following points: 

“You need to know how much is your site RPM. It’s usually between $0.50 and $4.00

So depending on your RPM you must have at least 400,000 pageviews in order to make $200.

On the other hand, if your RPM is $4.00 you only need 50,000

Hope this helps.”

The above was written as an answer to the question “How to make $150 –  $200 per day on the internet advertising,” 5 years ago on Quora – (the social question and answer web platform).

Making passive income today

Right now there are so many factors involved. It would be a miracle to achieve this number of views for the amount in question on a daily basis.

And it is still possible that you can achieve it too but you have to be a super publisher to be able to do it with a lot of traffic.

For the smaller players who Google AdSense continue to refuse your passage into their program because of one reason of the other, this post is for you.

Like people often say in Africa, times have changed.

Indeed, Times have really changed.

Most standard advertisers bid for ad spaces on websites to be able to help publishers make a decent income.

On the other hand, publishers have to continue to think outside the box to increase traffic so that advertiser’s rates can increase and help make publishers a decent income.

Where to go to if the above is your case

At, we have our own version of helping more publishers especially the smaller players.

Most of them do not have the down payment to build websites, and figure out how to make money from it. We work with them – freelance writers.

Freelance writers that partner with earn passive income without the initial outlay. We have done all the work.

Non freelance writers can join us.

It is open for everybody with an interest in creating written content and want to earn from it.

All you have to do is to join our Facebook group for updates

And wait until we announce our pre-launch date which would be in 14 days time starting from the 1st of June 2023. 

How to make $200 daily in Passive Income

We at the tail end of our wait and very soon our freelance writers would join the foray and start their journey towards earning $150 – $200 daily.

All they need to do is write, promote and earn. It is that simple.

One of the ways to achieve this is by building repeat and loyal readership helping you to continue to have monthly page views.

Initially, we were going to use audience reading time as a KPI. Right now we have changed that. We would rely on EPM which is the industry’s metric for calculating earnings per 1000 monthly views.

Our progress so far…..

As we progress with our program, we would test and test until we are satisfied with our findings and make the program better for everyone involved.

Our earning via products is still very much in play and it is based on several factors as well. What is pertinent is that it will be based on alternate months after our freelance writers hit their first income.

All freelance writers have a 3 months locked in period of every earning they make and if after 3 months do not hit $100 they would forfeit it and start again from 0.

Currently, all income is counted from 0 per month based on EPM but in our case, it would be locked in to enable our freelance writers get their feet in the waters and start earning. 

If you are a Freelance Writer and you want to make passive income daily, join our Facebook Group today. We would continue to update freelance writers there on our progress.

Just click on the link and answer all questions correctly and the Facebook would automatically add you.

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